Jezeli masz kwalifikacje techniczne, IT, inzynierskie, rzemieslnicze- to sa zawody poszukiwane w Australii.

Optima Migration organizuje konsulatacje wizowe w Polsce. Jezeli masz jakiekolwiek pytania na temat mozliwoszci wizowych do Australii- na zawod, do pracy, nauka, na pobyt tymczasowy lub na pobyt staly jest mozliwosc porozmawiania z Agentem Emigracyjnym z Australii.
Lidia Kwaczynski (MARN 0532045), 12 lat doswiadczenia, bedzie przeprowadzala ogolne sesje infomacyjne jak rowniez indiwidualne konsultacje.

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Niepowtarzalna okazja aby zasięgnąć profesjonalnej i rzetelnej porady, omówić Twoje opcje wizowe i nakreślić plan działania!. MIEJSCA LIMITOWANE.

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Major reforms to Australia’s employer sponsored visas

From 19 April 2017 Australian Government announced major changes to the the temporary and permanent employer sponsored visas which will be introduced gradually starting immediately until March 2018.

The immediate change introduced by government is the change to the approved occupation lists with 216 occupations removed from the list and conditions introduced to 59 other occupations.

457 visa will be abolished from March 2018 and replaced by new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa.  This visa will have 2 streams:

Short-Term TSS Stream – occupations eligible under this stream will be listed on the Short-Term Skilled Occupations LIst (STSOL), with the maximum visa period of 2 years with one renewal allowed , so the maximum period of 4 years. This stream will have no pathway to permanent residency.

Medium-Term TSS Stream – occupations eligible under this stream will be listed on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), with the maximum visa period of 4 years. Visa holders will qualify for permanent residency after 3 years.

New occupational ceilings for GSM in 2016-17

The government has published new occupational ceilings for the general skilled migration program for the year 2016-2017.

The ceiling limits have increased for some occupations and decreased for others. It has been increased for engineers, medical practitioners, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, solicitors, psychologists, physiotherapists, registered nurses, medical laboratory scientists, chefs, plasterers and wall and floor tillers. It has been reduced for most IT professionals and civil engineering professionals, architects, metal fitters, social workers, panel beaters, health and welfare service managers. Accountants remain at the same level.


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10 Year Tourist visas for the Chinese

Australia is to trial a 10-year multiple entry tourist visas for Chinese citizens. The trial will also allow for tourist applications to be lodged in Mandarin.

This trial is to encourage further growth in tourist numbers from China with government figures showing a million Chinese tourists arriving in Australia in recent 12 months and contributing A$8.3 billion to our economy. China is the fastest growing group of holidaymakers in Australia and second to New Zealand in absolute numbers of tourist arrivals.

Australia has also launched a global tourism campaign targeting China with year 2017 designated as the Australia-China Year of Tourism. Governments of both countries will deliver programs to promote the tourism relationship between China and Australia.
Source: Migration Allliance

Innovation statement: technology entrepreneurs to flow in with new visas

More foreign technology entrepreneurs will be allowed to stay in Australia under changes that come into effect next November.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Innovation Statement laid out a plan to allow international businesspeople to apply for new temporary entrepreneurs visas. The visas will depend on how innovative their start-up idea is, how much growth potential it has and their level of financial backing from a third party.

International post-graduate technology and science graduates will be fast-tracked to permanent residency by gaining more points towards gaining skilled independent visas, making their application more likely to be successful – a measure to come into effect from December next year.





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Marta K
Lidia is a truly recommended migration agent. Before I met her I visited two different agents and they could not give me appropriate advice on how my visa process should look like. Thank you Optima Migration for your professional service and the know-how. My 187 visa was granted.
Niraj A
When it comes to migration agent there are loads of commentators that talk a good game but Optima/Lidia helps you make it happen. Her excellence on handling each and every individual case on detail have helped me on getting my 187 Visa granted without a single question or document requested by immigration.I highly recommend Lidia and Optima migration services. 
Monika M and family
I would like to say a big thank you to Lidia from the Optima Migration company who is a reliable person who has helped me and my family to go through the long and difficult process of application for Permanent Residency. Thanks to her help our application was successful and the application process was a lot less stressful. We would recomend her services to everyone having trouble with their visa applications.
A HUGE HUGE thanks to Lidia from Optima Migration for her hard work, support and advice that made the whole process of achieving Permanent Residency in Australia straightforward. Lidia started and ended the tons of paperwork and made it easy.  Lidia was very responsive and answered all our queries clearly. I guess without your help, Lidia, we wouldn´t have had the persistence to keep going throughout the long application process. It was worth any dollar to take you on and I will recommend you to anyone who also wants to take the step. We rate Lidia 10 out of 10!Thank ...
Monika J
I am happy to recommend Lidia from Optima Migration as  a migration agent. She has helped us with 187 visa. Everything went smoothly and we didn't have to worry about anything as she was handling a whole process and was always answering any questions we had. Is it so much easier and quicker than trying to apply by yourself!Highly recommended!
Gosia C
I would like to recommend Lidia as an Immigration Agent. She helped me to apply for my 187 visa (RSMS). She is very professional, always answered for my questions and she was very helpful and supportive during all process of application. 
Coovila R
I would like to thank Optima Migration run by Lidia Kwaczynski for assisting us with our visa and permanent residency applications which has recently been successful.Lidia is a wonderful, reliable and friendly person that I have ever met.  I had some difficulties but when I talk to Lidia, she always encourages me and find solutions to help me. I will always recommend people to Optima Migration.Coovila
Agnieszka O
Thank you Optima Migration for assisting us with our visa application. It’s been a long process, but we've got our visa and permanent residency. The instructions were easy to follow and we appreciated your timely response to our queries. Lidia Kwaczynski is professional, knowledgeable and no request was too big. Lidia made the whole process easy and with limited stress. We have already recommended Lidia and Optima Migration to a couple of people.Agnieszka O
Sam G
We have applied for our PR with Optima. The service We received,as a Family, was straightforward, accurate, fast and effective.Perfect support with Human touch too. I highly recommend Optima Migration for all Your applications in relation to visas. Sam
Daniel A
Optima Migration run by Lidia Kwaczynski is a very friendly and committed service to immigrants. I have been dealing with Lidia for the past 3 years and it has been a commendable time. She is not just professional but empathetic to clients needs. I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending her as one of the best in her field.


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